Stucco Remediation Alternative

Stucco Remediation Alternative

Looking across the Philadelphia landscape, it’s possible to see a number of homes with crumbling and cracking stucco applications.

There are a variety of reasons behind these situations happening, such as poor application, bad stucco painting and even faulty window installation. Many times, there is a cost-effective solution that can keep this from happening to you.

Dealing with faulty stucco, especially when your home isn’t that old, is not on the top of anyone’s to do list. But the sooner you can address the issue, the smaller the impact it will have. When you need to really understand how this affects your home and want to ensure a long-term solution, you can count on Sealedry Waterproof Painting Systems to provide you with a plan to keep your home requiring a full stucco remediation at a later date.


Repair Vs. Remediation

Stucco repair generally refers to addressing aesthetic issues to your siding and dealing with localized areas of intrusion. This will fix the problem for the short term, once again providing you a uniform look and feel across your home. Yet to deal with the underlying problem and to bring long-term solutions to your stucco issues, the right stucco remediation services may need to be carried out.

Unlike repair options, stucco remediation fully removes current stucco and deals with the issues beneath that are leading to you having to deal with these problems. This can be a very expensive and lengthy process that disrupts your home life.

But there is a solution that can address the potential for moisture intrusion into your home at a fraction of the cost of a full stucco remediation renovation. Sealedry Waterproof Painting Systems can apply a waterproof coating to your home that will prevent potential problems in the future. 


Waterproofing Stucco

Waterproofing stucco can take shape in two ways, one by treating the surfaces that your stucco will be applied to and the other by treating the surface of the stucco itself. When looking to Sealedry Waterproof Painting Systems for stucco remediation services, you can depend on our experts to take this two-step approach to ensure that water can’t get beneath the surface leading to potential issues later on down the road.

We provide you with a solution to fully and completely treat your stucco surfaces in a way that will fully protect your home at a much lower cost.


Stucco Sealing

When your stucco application is in place, it then comes to treatments for this area to ensure that you get the best possible waterproofing results. We provide a thorough stucco cleaning after application, and stucco coating that will ensure the entirety of your exterior has the capability to keep your home dry and protected.

Often the most prevalent issue when it comes to damages to your stucco is the capability for water to make its way in and start working away at the integrity of your building materials. By having this two-fold approach, you have the protection you need in place.


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