About Sealedry


We help homeowners in the Delaware Valley area make improvements to their home that affect not only the look and feel, but improve the integrity of the structure.


We offer a solution that is less expensive and non-intrusive compared to traditional stucco remediation. And it will improve the appearance of your home as well.


We feel it is important to offer a valuable service at a fair price. We only use high-quality products from reputable sources, applied by experienced craftsmen.

Painting and Waterproofing Service for the Delaware Valley

When you need guaranteed craftsmanship for your home, you can always put your faith in the pros at Sealedry Waterproof Painting Systems.

Interior House Painting in the Philadelphia Area

Why Choose Us

Whether interior or exterior walls, patios or decks, waterproofing is an essential part of your safeguarding your home and property from moisture intrusion.

The capability for water to get into cracks, crevices and openings and to begin to wear away at the aesthetic and integrity of a surface is always present. When areas like your home’s basement, patio or masonry is concerned, this can lead to further and more expensive situations to deal with later.

Sealedry Waterproof Painting Systems provides you with a quality service starting with quality products in the hands of professionals. No matter the results you’re looking for, both structural and aesthetic, you can put your trust in the house painters the Philadelphia area has counted on when it comes to interior and exterior surface treatments of all types.

From stucco remediation alternatives to power washing and more, we offer many additional services to  Chester County, the Main Line, and throughout the Delaware Valley area.


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